Our Structure

This is a breakdown of the positions and individuals that are involved in the Paramedic Association of Canada. There are always others behind the scenes who may not be recognized here for their contribution. Their contribution is nevertheless invaluable to the association.

Elected Officers

Dave Deines - President
Tim Stairs - Secretary Treasurer
Phil Comeau- Chairperson of the Board

Executive Director

Pierre Poirier - Executive Director


Vacant - Chief Administrative Officer

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of a maximum of 14 members; 13 Directors and one Chairperson who shall be the President or designate from each provincial or territorial Chapter.

Troy Clifford - Ambulance Paramedics of British Columbia
Dusty Schlitter - Alberta College of Paramedics
Andrew Williamson - Paramedic Services Chiefs of Saskatchewan
Brent Bekiaris - Paramedic Association of Manitoba 
Darryl Wilton - Ontario Paramedic Association
Joey Ouellet - Corporation Des Paramédics Du Quebec
Phil Comeau - Paramedic Association of New Brunswick / L’association des paramédics du Nouveau-Brunswick (Chair of Board)
Ryan O'Meara - Paramedic Association of PEI
Rodney Gaudet - Paramedic Association of NFLD and Labrador
MCpl Jamie Knox- Department of National Defence and Canadian Forces

Advisors / Chairpersons / Other Positions

Eric Glass - Provincial Regulators/Agreement on Internal Trade
Grant Ross - Benevolent Committee
Pierre Poirier - Paramedic Profile
Dave Deines- Government Relations
Tim Stairs - Paramedicine Across Canada Expo
Grant Ross - Bylaws
Dave Deines - Research
Vacant- Continuing Education
Tom Zajac - Awards 


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