Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking for work. How do I move around Canada with my paramedic credentials?

Paramedicine is provincially regulated. Requirements and issue of a licence to practice are set by the individual regulators. You will find Regulator links under our Related Web Links on the bottom of the Web page.

Where do I find work in Canada?

There are some employment links under our Related Web Links here: Related Web Links

How does the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) effect me?

If you are from a Canadian Medical Association Accredited course, have been licensed to practice and were regulated in Canada, you will have more mobility of your credentials. Contact the Provincial Regulator for specific information to transition your license to the Province you wish to practice in.

I am from a non accredited Canadian or International paramedic program, who do I contact for licensing issues?

You must contact the individual Regulators and the individual employers to see about conversion of your credentials. See the Related Web Links section at the bottom of the page.

I would like to come to Canada and work or train as a paramedic, how do I do it?

The profession of paramedicine is regulated provincially in Canada; therefore, you’ll need to contact each provincial Regulator to find out about their registration requirements. If you log on to our website at you will find a link to each Provincial Regulator . Most of the occupations in this category are directly (Ministry of Health) or indirectly (through a self-regulatory College) regulated in all provinces. You must also contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada .


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