2018 PAC Awards of Excellence Ceremony

The Paramedic Association of Canada held its annual Awards Ceremony on April 28th at the Delta City Centre in Ottawa. The four recipients of the PAC Awards of Excellence we on hand to receive their awards. The recipients received both the award trophy and the PAC President’s Award Commendation, a pin which can be worn on their uniform in recognition of the award.  We congratulate all the recipients and recognize their outstanding contributions to the Paramedic profession, the patients and communities they serve:

Roger Duncalfe - Saskatchewan

2018 PAC Paramedic of the Year

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Kathy Reid-Soucy - Alberta

2018 PAC Award of Excellence in Education and Training

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Olivier Roussin - Quebec

2018 PAC Award of Excellence for Innovation and Research

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Alan Batt - Ontario

2018 PAC Award of Excellence for Leadership and Community Building

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2018 PAC Paramedic of the Year

Roger Duncalfe is an Advanced Care Paramedic working for the Saskatchewan Health Authority in Melville, Saskatchewan, a “small town” service where paramedics are integrated closely with the hospital.  Both in an ambulance and at the hospital Roger is seen as a leader, educator and mentor within his community. Mr. Duncalfe also serves as a Corporal with the Canadian Forces 16 Field Ambulance. Roger balances working as a civilian paramedic with active military duty by taking most of his vacation time to participate in military training and exercises. Last year he deployed to Ukraine with ROTO III of OP UNIFER.  Roger is the type of professional that embodies excellence in his practice as well as in life. He is well mannered, personable, and willing to take time to enrich the lives of others in any way he can. His approach to medicine and patient care serves as a role model for the many soldiers, paramedics, nurses, and physicians who know him.


The Paramedic of the Year award recognizes a field active, frontline paramedic who has made a recent, considerable contribution to the paramedic profession. More specifically;

  • Exceptional service that highlights and raises the profile of paramedics or paramedicine on a regional, national or international level.
  • Exceptional service to the paramedic profession in Canada. Such as, advancing paramedic profession, enhancing paramedic wellness, promoting the legacy of Canadian paramedic history, or memory of past or fallen Canadian paramedics.
  • Exceptional service of a paramedic during a major crisis or critical event of regional, national or international significance.


2018 PAC Award of Excellence in Education and Training

Kathy Reid-Soucy is the Chair of the Allied Health Programs at Northern Lakes College, Alberta where she manages and provides leadership to all levels of paramedic programs.  Ms. Reid-Soucy has spent her entire career in rural Alberta. Her vision to expand paramedic education in rural Alberta is directly related to her own experiences. Recognizing the barriers that exist for rural paramedics to advance their careers, Kathy’s strives to provide access to paramedic education for all students without the need to move to an urban center to attend a paramedic program. Kathy is committed to ensure students in her programs are prepared for the progression towards a paramedic degree credentialing. Kathy is herself a life-long learner constantly advancing her own education recently completing a Masters of Nursing with an education focus.


The Award of Excellence for Education and Training recognizes those who have made an outstanding contribution to training and education in the field of paramedicine.  For example;

  • Identifying and successfully addressing a long-standing training or educational need or deficiency.
  • Consistently exceeding standards for the delivery and/or development of paramedic training programs.
  • Establishing a new or innovative program or delivery model to enhance the delivery of paramedic education.


2018 PAC Award of Excellence for Innovation and Research

Olivier Roussin has been a paramedic leader since 1967. Mr. Roussin began building his reputation with Ambulance Joliette and is currently with Ambulance St Gabriel. Mr. Roussin has a long history of consistently implementing innovative solutions to provide patient care and improve paramedic safety. He is well known as the leader of a paramedic service company offering prehospital services going beyond norms and standards established in the industry. One innovation that Ambulance St Gabriel is proud to have developed is one of the first dedicated bariatric ambulance units, long before bariatric units were common. Mr. Roussin’s consistent early adoption of innovative practices makes him stand out as a leader in the field of paramedicine.


The Award of Excellence for Innovation and Research recognizes those who have made an outstanding contribution in the field of research, innovation or have solved a problem or successfully leveraged an opportunity that has served to enhance the field of paramedicine, EMS systems, paramedic safety, or to expand the use of paramedics into non-traditional roles. “Research” may include the natural and applied sciences, social sciences, humanities, or a related discipline. “Innovation” may involve technology or equipment, but may also include innovative approaches or techniques.


2018 PAC Award of Excellence for Leadership and Community Building

Alan Batt is an internationally recognized paramedic leader, educator and researcher whose career spans nine countries on four continents. Alan is actively involved in the education of paramedics of all clinical levels, in both vocational and higher education settings. Alan’s research has produced award-winning clinical and educational studies and he has published and presented these findings internationally.  Alan has an extensive resume, his current highlights include Paramedic Professor at Fanshawe College, Adjunct Associate Professor at QC University and Vice President of the Irish College of Paramedics. Alan in involved with several journals including Editor of the Irish Journal of Paramedicine and a member of the editorial board of Canadian Paramedicine. Mr. Batt’s career has built paramedic connections around the world, while championing education and research to advance the field of paramedicine. Alan is currently a PhD candidate at Monash University.


The Award for Leadership and Community Building recognizes those who have distinguished themselves as leaders or outstanding advocates for the field of paramedicine; regionally, nationally, or internationally.  For example, this may include, but may not necessarily be limited to:

  • Exemplary management and the ability to motivate, resulting in significant enhancements within a paramedic focused unit, group, or organization.
  • Displaying outstanding leadership during a major crisis or unexpected event.
  • Advocating a change, or successfully implementing a new initiative or policy, which has resulted in the enhancement of paramedic practice or response.
  • Inspiring or instilling a culture of excellence within the paramedic field, which has led to enhanced practice, safety and effectiveness.
  • Achieving excellence in the development and delivery of health prevention programs, or similar initiatives aimed at promoting public safety and reducing the need for EMS services.
  • Champions a cause that advances the profile of the paramedic profession through partnerships with other allied responders and organizations.
  • Leadership that advances the use of paramedics in non-traditional roles.




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