2017 PAC Awards of Excellence Recipients

The Paramedic Association of Canada is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 Paramedic Association of Canada Awards of Excellence. The awards were presented during the Paramedics Across Canada Expo 2017 conference in Quebec City, Quebec on August 18, 2017. We congratulate the following recipients and recognize their outstanding contributions to the Paramedic profession, the patients and communities they serve:

Kelly Williams, Prince Edward Island

2017 PAC Paramedic of the Year

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Steven Mills, British Columbia

2017 PAC Award of Excellence for Education and Training

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Dr. Aaron Sibley, Prince Edward Island

2017 PAC Award of Excellence for Innovation and Research

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Clarke McGuire, British Columbia

2017 PAC Award of Excellence for Leadership and Community Builder

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Kelly Williams will be celebrating her 21st year in paramedicine this year.  She was one of the first female paramedics in PEI, and started at a time when women were not allowed to drive the ambulance. While she may have "paved the way" as a role model for future female paramedics, her competence, skill, compassion and dedication to the profession serve as a role model for all.  Kelly is a lab facilitator at Holland College with the Paramedicine Program and conducts educational in-services for Island EMS. Both duties are done by Kelly with learning and respect for her fellow Paramedics and paramedic students in mind. She was one of the first trained to work in the Collaborative Emergency Centre (CEC) model at Western Hospital, and now trains Advanced Care Paramedics who want to broaden their knowledge base and work in a different clinical setting. Kelly is also a firefighter, and instructor with the Prince Edward Island Fire Fighters Association (PEIFFA).  Kelly is very well known throughout her community as a Paramedic, Firefighter, town councillor and is a very well respected member of the Prince Edward Island Paramedic Association.  Her peers know Kelly’s coffee pot is always on and her door is always open for anyone who needs an ear to listen, always there to support her friends and peers in good times and bad. To her students, Kelly is always a welcome site.

The Paramedic of the Year award recognizes a field active, frontline paramedic who has made a recent, considerable contribution to the paramedic profession. More specifically;

  • Exceptional service that highlights and raises the profile of paramedics or paramedicine on a regional, national or international level.
  • Exceptional service to the paramedic profession in Canada. Such as, advancing paramedic profession, enhancing paramedic wellness, promoting the legacy of Canadian paramedic history, or memory of past or fallen Canadian paramedics.
  • Exceptional service of a paramedic during a major crisis or critical event of regional, national or international significance.


Steven Mills is currently the Advanced Care Paramedic program manager for the Justice Institute of BC.  Steven was a practicing paramedic with the BC ambulance Service for 16 years, and has received a bachelor and two Master’s degrees.  Steven joined JIBC’s Paramedic Academy as faculty in 2006 and has held positions as Regional Training Coordinator, Primary Care Paramedic Program Manager and Practice Education Manager.  Through these roles, Steven led a successful program redesign, aligning the PCP Program with national standards. Through his participation in larger education projects, such as working with the Department of National Defense, Search and Rescue Technician Medical Training program, along with clients in Hong Kong and Singapore, he has strengthened the Canadian Paramedics profile nationally and internationally, while building key relationships for education and expanded scopes of practice for future practitioners.  Steven’s current role has seen the ACP program undergo significant changes and will continue to do so through the implementation of the new National Occupational Competencies and progress towards a Paramedic degree program.

The Award of Excellence for Education and Training recognizes those who have made an outstanding contribution to training and education in the field of paramedicine.  For example;

  • Identifying and successfully addressing a long-standing training or educational need or deficiency.
  • Consistently exceeding standards for the delivery and/or development of paramedic training programs.
  • Establishing a new or innovative program or delivery model to enhance the delivery of paramedic education.


Dr. Aaron Sibley is an emergency physician at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Prince Edward Island who is recognized for his contribution to medical education, disaster medicine and evidence-based practice in prehospital medicine.  He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Dalhousie University and Associate Medical Director of Paramedic Programs at both Holland College and the University of PEI and is an Emergency Medical Specialist with the Canadian Forces.  In collaboration with the Dalhousie University Department of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Sibley established the PEI Emergency Medicine Research Group (PEIEMRG).  Its members include physicians, nurses and paramedics, with interests in prehospital care, disaster medicine, and medical education.  Dr. Sibley has published many research papers on prehospital care topics in journals such as the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine, Journal of Emergency Medical Service, and Air Medical Journal.  Dr. Sibley volunteers his time to educate paramedics on research during the annual Paramedic Association of PEI Paramedic Symposium.

The Award of Excellence for Innovation and Research recognizes those who have made an outstanding contribution in the field of research, innovation or have solved a problem or successfully leveraged an opportunity that has served to enhance the field of paramedicine, EMS systems, paramedic safety, or to expand the use of paramedics into non-traditional roles. “Research” may include the natural and applied sciences, social sciences, humanities, or a related discipline. “Innovation” may involve technology or equipment, but may also include innovative approaches or techniques.


Clarke McGuire is a retired Advanced Life Support Paramedic with the British Columbia Ambulance Service. Throughout his 39 year career and continuing into his retirement, Clarke’s drive has improved the profile of Canadian paramedics at home and on the world stage.  From simple projects like a locally renowned Christmas light display and poppy drives, to having the building code changed to require elevators that fit stretchers and writing provincial MCI plans, Clarke has consistently improved the profile of paramedics in his home community. Clarke has participated in over a dozen paramedic competitions in Australia, Canada and most commonly the Rallye Rejvis in the Czech Republic, where he is heavily involved in planning, writing scenarios, and as an international judge.  As the manager for Team Canada, Clarke has taken teams from both British Columbia and Ontario to competitions and has consistently had teams stand on the podium demonstrating to all that Canadian paramedics compete on the world stage.  Clarke has received many accolades and awards, including the EMS Exemplary Service Medal and a Commendation of Bravery from the RCMP.

The Award for Leadership and Community Builder recognizes those who have distinguished themselves as leaders or outstanding advocates for the field of paramedicine; regionally, nationally, or internationally.  For example, this may include, but may not necessarily be limited to:

  • Exemplary management and the ability to motivate, resulting in significant enhancements within a paramedic focused unit, group, or organization.
  • Displaying outstanding leadership during a major crisis or unexpected event.
  • Advocating a change, or successfully implementing a new initiative or policy, which has resulted in the enhancement of paramedic practice or response.
  • Inspiring or instilling a culture of excellence within the paramedic field, which has led to enhanced practice, safety and effectiveness.
  • Achieving excellence in the development and delivery of health prevention programs, or similar initiatives aimed at promoting public safety and reducing the need for EMS services.
  • Champions a cause that advances the profile of the paramedic profession through partnerships with other allied responders and organizations.
  • Leadership that advances the use of paramedics in non-traditional roles.



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